thank GOD it’s the weekend, i’m so tired... (/ _ ; )

i am going on a solo trip this weekend to the central & southern part of my state. i never really hung out there but i feel like it’s important to explore the world i live in ~

in preparation, i had to get a new license since mine was expired and people can be weird about that sort of thing when it comes to buying age restricted things or checking into hotels.

i wanted to look cute so i did light make with a red lip!! i keep telling myself that i look gal cuz i am gal, but this affirmation is not working well lol

i did feel adult & cool though, and the lady taking my picture said i looked pretty :)

i was going to do a lighter brows, but i felt it wouldn’t translate well in the picture, and i was right! so 1 point for me!!

makeup details!!:

No bottom lashes were used because at this point i had been up for 24 hours and my eyes didn’t even want to accept lenses. The top lashes were “no filters” from the KISS My Lash But Better line. super lightweight but still visible! 

for lips, i used the maybelline superstay lip crayon in “own your empire”~ great for kissing 💋 

to me, it’s not worth it to use prestige brand makeup for simple errands, so it’s nice to have drugstore fall back items!

i will update you on some of my outfits over the past week tomorrow!