one part of my new year resolutions is to live only for myself, so that will explain why you haven’t seen me posting much on instagram and not at all on facebook. i get really caught up in what other people think or feel about me and it leads to a lot of anxiety, so i’m making an effort to only do what i want, when i want.

however, my friends are important to me and there’s one friend in particular who really likes it when i blog, so for them, i will keep it up!!

i’ve been having a bit of an internal struggle about my “gyaru life”, but mostly it’s because i am away from my circle. 

it used to be easy to be gal, since i was having meets super often and seeing my gals all the time, but now because we all must continue to move forward, everyone is far away... across the country and across the world :( of course, even if we were still physically close, there is the looming virus that keeps us away.

all i do now is go to work, so i’ve made another resolution to dress up every day at work. thus far, i’ve been keeping up with it! it’s easier than i thought, especially after going back to dark hair, because these are clothes that i already owned and i feel comfortable in them.

all of that to say, for the next few months or so, my blog will have a different feel than usual, because i’m going to share my current real life with you, and it’s not quite the glamorous super social gal fantasy that i used to try to live.

hopefully it’s something that you will enjoy, but if not, we will be relying on my original resolution of not caring what others think!!

my next couple of posts will be about what i wear to the office & my daily purses and makeup! i’ve been thinking about creating an eyebrow tutorial/guide, so if that’s something you’d like, please comment and let me know!

thanks for reading & i hope we both have a great year!!