Hi ᯓ★

Recently, I made a deal with myself to return to the things that made me happy. This seems pretty obvious but I think the more I focused on furthering my career and just "getting through the day" the faster the days seemed to pass, and the more I realized I was never doing anything that I truly wanted to do. Just work and sleep, which lead to more work and sleep. (×﹏×)

I think it's easy to become a boring adult when all you do is focus on work and "the future". But focusing too much on the future makes it hard to appreciate the present (in my opinion..)

Previously, I would go out every single weekend, and sometimes I would call up my friends on my lunch hour and see what they were up to after work so we could hang out. In the summer this meant random beach outings or nights in Chinatown. In the winter, it was all about shopping malls and finding good food to eat.

A major symptom of being too serious about my life is that my "gyaru spirit" has reached an all time low. Sometimes I wonder if I should just give it up for something a bit less intense, if I should fully enter my Old Navy era. But I know that won't make me happy. (。•́︿•̀。)

The major issue for me is that my gyaru lifestyle is fueled by the power of friendship, and I've been away from the people who make me happiest for too long. My view of how the lifestyle is to be most enjoyed lies in the experiences I share with my other gyaru and gyaru-adjacent friends. 

Doing para-para routines, taking purikura, trying new makeup products or techniques, online or physical shopping etc. - these are all things made that much more enjoyable by being able to be done with those that love the life/culture as much as I do. Of course these are things I'm able to do online, but for me, it's better to be physically together. 

I've come to the conclusion that the only way to revive my gal mojo is to return to the outgoing, always social girl I used to be. So that's what I've been doing for the past month. :)

I might blog about the past three dinners I went to with my friends, I might not.. but I will update here about my "journey" to returning to my previous power level! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

My circle does have an upcoming meet this month, so I'll definitely do two posts about the set-up and the actual meet. I'm not the type of gyaru to make tutorials on hair or makeup, but maybe my lasting contribution can be how to run fun meets and how to create successful, long lasting circle. ✮⋆˙

Who knows? :3c

Thanks for reading, and I'll update here soon!




It’s been pretty hard for me recently and nothing ever feels right so I think maybe the best thing to do is go on autopilot… by that I mean just copy/paste cute looks onto myself and not worry about it too much.

I think this year I will take some inspiration from Georgie and just choose a year of gyaru inspo for my overall lifestyle/aesthetic. I was thinking which years would be best and right now I’m going in between 2008 & 2009.

These are the years where I first became familiar with gyaru, when I still had a lot of spunk and creativity and (in my opinion) these were the last years where gyaru was still something truly unique, before a lot of the trends in were clearly western influenced.

Also these happen to be the years I have the most print mags of…

Because I’ve been going through a lot I’m thinking it may just be better to have a hair color that doesn’t take a lot of upkeep and bleaching. I’ve been having dark hair for a while and it’s super boring but I was thinking about maybe doing a jet black or a very dark blue black, because it’s an intentional color and would be easier to keep looking nice… I’m really not sure on this because there’s another part of me that wants to do a nice ash blonde.

Whatever I choose, my main goal for the next few months is to be a fake nuts or jelly model. The clothing and styling you see in 2008/2009 nuts and jelly is much simpler without being simple and it’ll give me a break from sensory overload with my dia belts and jewelry.

My goal for the next week is to look at archives of old nuts/jelly models and decide on what a good capsule wardrobe would be for the next month or so.

Hopefully this is the year I fall back in love with gyaru, because I miss it and my old lifestyle a lot and it would be nice to have some comfort right now.




one part of my new year resolutions is to live only for myself, so that will explain why you haven’t seen me posting much on instagram and not at all on facebook. i get really caught up in what other people think or feel about me and it leads to a lot of anxiety, so i’m making an effort to only do what i want, when i want.

however, my friends are important to me and there’s one friend in particular who really likes it when i blog, so for them, i will keep it up!!

i’ve been having a bit of an internal struggle about my “gyaru life”, but mostly it’s because i am away from my circle. 

it used to be easy to be gal, since i was having meets super often and seeing my gals all the time, but now because we all must continue to move forward, everyone is far away... across the country and across the world :(

all of that to say, for the next few months or so, my blog will have a different feel than usual, because i’m going to share my current real life with you, and it’s not quite the glamorous super social gal fantasy that i used to try to live.

hopefully it’s something that you will enjoy, but if not, we will be relying on my original resolution of not caring what others think!!

i’ve been thinking about creating an eyebrow tutorial/guide, so if that’s something you’d like, please comment and let me know!

thanks for reading & i hope we both have a great year!!



short blog today ♫꒰・‿・๑꒱

So, clearly my hair is dark these days, and has been since december. It was a spontaneous decision because I couldn’t go get my roots done, but what happened after that is... zero gal makeup

Ok, zero is an exaggeration but really, in the last 4 months, maybe I’ve done my makeup like... 4 or 5 times. Of course I’m trying not to be so tough on myself because we are still in the middle of dealing with covid-19, but it’s still discouraging for myself...

I’m trying to figure out how to get back into a groove, so I’m trying to gather pictures of black/dark haired gals to give myself much needed inspiration until the summer months.

here are some pictures ⇊⇊

As I gather more inspiration and look through my magazines, hopefully I find a new spark (*•̀ㅂ•́)و✧



It’s been a long time since my last post, but let’s not get into that lol ʕ灬→ᴥ←灬ʔ


I recently received some packages from mercari that included some magazines (of course) ♡̢

most of my archive consists of magazines from 2008-2012 so I wanted to get some early 2000s issues this time, specifically 「EgoSystem」. I wanted them because I don’t ever see people talking about this magazine and I never ever found any scans, and because of this model⇊⇊

She is deadly cute and I hope I can find out more about her soon ( ᵒ̴̶̷̤◦ᵒ̴̶̷̤ )☆

From what I have been able to see, EgoSystem differs from Egg a lot even though the subject matter is the same. Egg Girls seem to be more glamorous and upper class, compared to EgoSystem models, who seem more everyday and common (I don’t mean this in a bad way lol, you’ll see)

Egg issues from this era seem to push luxury designer & high end brand items way more, appealing to gals from a wealthier background. You would see expensive wares of all sorts being advertised; skincare, makeup, hair extensions, clothing, accessories, surgical procedures etc . I think this even persisted til the end of the original run of Egg, because the brands and looks they pushed were not easily affordable (exceptions being brands like Cecil McBee & ANAP) — d.i.a. comes to mind for me and those items could be pretty cost prohibitive.

Ego System on the other hand uses luxury items very sparingly, which I think for most teens of this era would be more realistic.. the most expensive things I was seeing in this magazine were the sky high 「厚底ブーツ」! Also a lot of the styling is very simple/basic; You can recreate these looks very easily, even 20 years later (boots included).

This is interesting to me because a lot of the styling in gyaru magazines depend on show pieces — items that you *must* get from a particular brand because you won’t find anything with those details or that specific appeal anywhere else.. of course, this makes sense because magazine are for advertising but the difference is definitely noticeable!

There are more points I could talk about but I think I may save that for another post 


Being able to look through this magazine and the others I got, I definitely understand why so many gals experience a 99/00s boom. The gals of this era definitely knew who they were and how they wanted to present themselves to the world — good or bad.

You can tell that how they presented themselves in these magazines is exactly how they actually lived, and it shows in the little things: the bleach damaged hair, casual clothes that were styled in imperfect but perfectly wearable ways, 
cute but short & functional nails.... the list goes on.

It’s very inspiring and I have definitely taken some pointers for this spring & summer! ☆。.:*・