I went to the mall for the first time in a while and I found a store I really liked -- Lucky Brand!1468.gif1031.gif

It's not a new brand and it's not new to me, but for whatever reason I never went into the store in as many times as I've visited the mall. I've known them for their denim which I've bought secondhand before and seen at discount stores like TJMaxx but it was interesting to see the other items they had for sale.

I really loved the pair of shorts in the picture above! It's rare to see a lot of details in American brands, and this was right up my alley. I put them on my wishlist and I hope to snag a pair soon!

The items I saw in the store reminded me a lot of the old brand Goa -- they had a loose, natural, and casual feel. Rediscovering this brand is timely because I wanted to go for a breezy bohemian vibe for the upcoming summer, and it's always nice to have something local to you. It's also nice because I see this brand often in secondhand shops near me so hopefully I won't always have to go retail for a fix. :3

I bought two tube tops, two belts, and a super cool shawl neck knit cardigan. I've been in need of higher quality tube tops and tbh the mannequin wearing a tube top is the entire reason I stepped into the store! The tops have a slouchy casual feel to them, which is perfect for me. :) 

The belts are so cool/cute! I love the embroidery~ I think that they'll make even a super basic coordinate into something a bit more memorable.

The cardigan was a really nice find because this type of cardigan tends to be fairly expensive, even secondhand, so finding it on a good sale was great. It's made of cotton, so it's gonna be a really nice layer for chill summer evenings.

I also got a few other things! The Summer Breeze perfume by OP is so perfect and I can't wait to wear it when I hit the beach this year! I picked up a set of Waikiki Beach Coconut from Bath & BodyWorks as well, and while I may or may not layer it with the OP perfume, I'm definitely ready!!581.gif

While at the mall, I went to Sephora and got new lip colors and a bronzer from Nars. I think the vast majority of my makeup comes from Nars and so I feel confident saying that I'm now truly a Nars Girl. :) I'll probably show you the colors in a different post but the lipgloss is the color "Supervixen" and the lipsticks are the colors "Turned On" and "Dolce Vita". 

I also recently got two new magazines in the mail! I'm still reading them and parsing what I'd parts of them I'd like to add to my own life and style but one thing is for sure -- I am definitely a Nakane Reiko fan now! She's so gorgeous and I definitely see how she was the top EGOIST sales clerk of her time.1154.gif

I guess since I've bought so much new makeup, I should probably start practicing my make again so that I'm not so rusty when the weather finally stays warm. A Gal is not a Gal without the makeup, so I can't keep giving myself this label when I only get done up every 2 months. 1658.gif

See you later!1178.gif1654.gif


  1. This store looks so cool and i love the haul! Omg that Egoist mag!!! (ෆ˙ᵕ˙ෆ)♡

  2. Oh! I didn't know Nakane Reiko's story, I would mostly see her with Rienda girls. So nice seeing a post from you <3 Lovely vision this breezy bohemian style you're going for <3

  3. *me staring at the romper and the straw hat in interest* Hmmm~~ ( ͈ര ̫ര ͈) ⊹`𓈒 lol! Something about those pieces and color combo reminds me of Garula. They always gave me "safari vibes". Never purchased any Nars before, but I remember loving a foundation sample from them.

    Can't wait to see how your whole bohemian look comes together~ ^^