So, my actual birthday was yesterday (thank you for all the well wishes!!) and my bf took me shopping and to dinner! 

We both thought I would spend more but I guess with age comes restraint (୨୧ᵕ̤ᴗᵕ̤)

I’ve been to Lush many many times but never bought anything for myself so… I kind of went overboard(☆ω☆*). 7 bath bombs, 3 bubble bars, a massage bar, and a few body conditioners — but I’m happy with what I got (♡˙³˙)

I also bought myself two dolls… I’ll probably post about that next, because the dolls nowadays are over the top cute and I think they deserve their own post (^ν^)

I think I’ll also include in my next post my gift from Stephanie (and Kitti) because (o´艸`) it is amazing!!


Recently I have had a bit of an internal battle — I love wearing d.i.a. and having my hair be a bright color and being super 強め in general BUT I feel like I can never ever just be ~cute~. When I say cute think PopTeen PopSister and Ranzuki type styles/looks. Those have always been my favorite magazines and it is kinda hard for that to be my main gyaru inspiration but then turn to my closet and it is top to bottom full of black & gold d.i.a. 

So, I have made the decision that for this year of my life my everyday and casual look will only be inspired by the actual magazines I love ( •ॢ◡-ॢ)-♡ (I’ll still go for tsuyome kuro looks at nightclubs and big meets though)

This decision made me realize I don’t really have the wardrobe for that but I think I’ll have fun finding things that fit.


A few weeks ago I made a tweet that basically said “I have an announcement”, well I guess I should finally make it:

The eyelashes in my selfie are my own brand and I’ll be launching the brand and website very soon! (*•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

I’ve been working on this for a very long time and I suppose it’s finally ok to share it with you all :) 

I’ll make a big post introducing the brand and lash styles fairly soon but honestly if you follow Pinkii, you’ve already seen the lashes much more than you think!


  1. So glad you had a great birthday!!! And omg I love your look! I would love to see more of this style♥
    Ahhhhhhhh!!! I'm excited for you!!!! I would love to buy some! They look really amazing!!!

  2. Congrats on launching your project!! I can't wait to see all the good things you have planned. I hope you had a wonderful birthday 💖